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Follow these steps to upload your medical images:
1. Enter your email address or phone number
2. Click Send Authentication Code to receive an authentication code
Please upload your non-TPMG images here. By providing your records in advance, we will have a chance to better prepare for your appointment. If you have questions, please call 757-873-0848, option 4, M-F 7:30am-5:00pm ET.

1) Send an authentication code to yourself via email or text message.
2) Enter the authentication code and accept the Terms and Conditions and HIPAA Agreement.
3) Select Confirm Authentication
4) Select Choose Folder
5) Locate and select your DICOM images.
6) Click Upload

If any studies do not say Transfer Complete, please contact our office at 757-873-0848, option 4 or click Upload Another to try again.
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