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Upload your images to


Follow these steps to upload your medical images:
1. Enter your email address or phone number
2. Click Send Authentication Code to receive an authentication code
This works best when using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Follow these steps to upload a CD
1. Insert CD into CD drive.
2. Follow the authentication procedure using email address or text message options.
3. Enter code.
4. Accept Terms and Conditions, HIPAA Agreement and click Confirm Authentication Code.
5. Select Choose Folder.
6. A box will open, choose DVD or CD drive in the panel on the left.
7. Click Upload in the bottom right hand corner.
8. A box will open, choose Upload.
9. Another screen will open with the study selected, choose upload.
10. Once Transfer Complete appears, you can upload another CD or close the window
Send Authentication code:
  To my email address
  To my phone via text message